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Thus Israel was greatly impoverished because of Midian, and the children of Israel cried out to the Lord. * Judges 6.6, NASB *

The theme of the book of Judges is "each did what he saw fit" (17.6). So when did the Israelites finally cry out to the Lord? When God took away every material resource they had. The Lord knew exactly what it took to get their attention: the destruction of all their possessions,

Has the Father allowed his finances to run out? Has He taken away something that is of great value to you? This is hard to bear, but the Lord wants him to understand that He is his security, not anything he possesses.

Of course, you might say, "But I thought God promised to meet all my needs?" Yes, he did (Philippians 4:19). And he will continue to do so. However, he knows that his greatest need is to have a personal relationship with him and to listen to him.

Your spiritual well-being is far more important than anything material. So God will bring you into complete dependence on Him instead of allowing his possessions to become a destructive idol in his life.

God, rid me of self-reliance and materialism so that I can always rest in your provision. Amen.

* Meditate *
In his presence ... find provision for every need.

* Include God *

Blessed is the man ... who delights in the law of the Lord, and meditates on it day and night. * Psalms 1: 1-2, NIV *

You have a choice every day: include God in his life through prayer and the time you spend in his Word, or walk alone. The one ultimately brings peace, while the other brings anxiety.

However, note that you are not simply promised reassurance when you meditate on the Scriptures, but you are assured that he will be blessed.

This is because by meditating deeply on God's Word - analyzing it, considering it fully, and asking God to allow him to understand it, his thought pattern is transformed in the process. Father gives you unusual wisdom for your finances, personal relationships, and future. And when his mind is filled with the ways of God — with his goodness, will, provision, power, and principles, you have a steadfast peace and faith that no storm can destroy.

So make a decision today: Include the Lord in his life by meditating on his Word and seeking him in prayer.

Father, open your Word to me, filling me with passion for the Scriptures and your holy presence. I give you my life and I try to understand your will and your ways. Amen.

* Meditate *
In his presence ... let him guide his life and teach you his ways,


Christ made us righteous before God; he made us pure and holy and freed us from sin. 1 * Corinthians 1.30, NLT *

Do you find it difficult to overcome certain sins or destructive behaviors? Part of the reason may be that you have not yet fully understood all that Christ has done for you. You need to understand your position in Christ before your actions can change.

So, grasp this truth today: On the cross, not only were your sins forgiven, but your nature was transformed. You are no longer a sinner, rather you are now a saint who sometimes stops seeking God for your needs. The difference is not only in how the Lord perceives you, but in how you see yourself.

If he still sees himself as a sinful individual, he will probably act like one. However, if you grasp your identity as a completely new person in Christ, you can behave as a just and beloved child of God.

God has given you a new beginning by giving you a new nature and identity. So embrace her, and free yourself from the sins that no longer hold you captive.

Lord, thank you for setting me free from sin. Help me to remember my position in you so that I can always glorify your holy name. Amen.

* Meditate *
In his presence ... rejoice in your new identity.

Life is not to take away, it is to eat Here ...

I remember when I checked into that imposing Resort, they put an apple green bracelet on my wrist. They explained to me that I should not lose it, because he would give me access to all the facilities, that with him I could enjoy everything there was from that door onwards.

So it was. Every day I could tour that incredible place and bathe in any of its beautiful pools or in the sea.
Also, I remember that some people preferred to stay in the room, I wondered how it is possible that they do not want to enjoy this gift?
If everything is already paid!

In that place, he also had access to the different restaurants that were part of the complex. I confess that this was the best part, since in them there was an impressive assortment of foods, desserts and drinks of which, I could eat without restriction.

There was only one rule: nothing could be taken, everything was to eat there.

This is life. At birth God puts a bracelet called "Life" on us, and through that, we have access to this fascinating world created by him.

But, it is your choice, stay in the room or tour it. It is your choice, enjoy it. The best thing is that you have free access to everything that Father God has arranged for you.

As long as your heart beats, you will have the opportunity to enjoy life that God gives you. But like that Resort, in this world the same rule applies: "It is not to take away, everything is to eat here" ...

The difference between a hotel and a Resort is that the first was made only to sleep and be locked up and the second to go through it and enjoy it. Life is not a hotel! It's a Resort 5 ⭐️

Therefore, DO NOT stay locked in the room of your mind, of your problems, in bitterness, in pain or in worry. If you are breathing it is because you still have the bracelet ...

Enjoy nature today, the company of your loved ones, a delicious dessert, a hug or a kiss, a smile, a good rest and above all enjoy Living !!! Because no one will live for you!

"For this reason, I have discovered that for the human being there is no more happiness than enjoying his works, because that is his reward"

To enjoy life!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻