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Catholic And Protestant Dialogue

Catholic And Protestant Dialogue

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Good morning... I am looking for more approperiate friends for me n my 7 kids... Life has been hard as hell on us past 4 years... We are in safety placement so normal social media isnt okay for us it help my ex find us ugh i need new friends... My kids need new friends...

I have at home a 14 soon to be 15 year old boy lance... 13 year old girl hailey... 12 year old boy calob... 6 year old girl kailey... 4 year old girl kenzie... I do have two grown out my home and burried one my own at 17 years old...

But my concern is me n mines at home... We have been relocated n have no one not to talk to ask advice help nothing due to if we reach out to normals we get found praying is all i have done past year hard core... Finally got our ppo granted ugh... But placement has drained me
Mentally emotionally and funds wise my phone bill was due feb 28th and still off cause cant reach out to people for help without him finding us... And all my money goes to safety placement and kids n placement is crazy priced smh...

If anyone would like to just be my friend to talk to be great if anyone would help with my phone bill be a blessing you can pay it online with my phone number or can paypal me funds and i can either or be a blessing... My bill is 57.00 dollars thanks in advance anyone does everyone have a blessed day
Boost would be the way online to pay by number more then willing to do that way to thanks in advance

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