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Protestantism comes from Roman Catholicism. Dont let them fool you. They both come from that same corrupt tree. Martin Luther was an antisemitic heretic that wanted to burn down jewish synagogues and influenced Adolf Hitler and also rejected the Book of James. The Luther Church is a man made denomination that denies the biblical doctrine of free will and that is a heresy because the Bible says we have free will to choose. Free will goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. Lutheranism is not found in the Holy Bible. Lutheranism has Catholic practices and practices infant baltosm..Infant baptism is catholic heresy. Bsbies are not at the age of accountability and they dont need baptism and baptism doesnt regenerate anyone anyways. Repentance and faith in Christ does. The more liberal Lutheran denominations like ELCA endorse homosexuality. The Lutheran Denomination leads to hell. Repent and come out. Follow the Lord Jesus Christ not Martin Luther.